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Why does the demo application not connect with my TUIO device?
The application and the TUIO enabled device must be on the same subnetwork.

Does the demo application run on newer releases of XCode?
Yes, simply accept any updates to the XCode project and it should work.

Does the demo application run on Windows?
Yes, it has been tested for Cygwin. Run the Makefile to build the project.

How do I use non TUIO multitouch devices?
Provided in the Proton code is PtTuioListener, which converts TUIO events into Proton touch event symbols. You must implement equivalent code that converts the touch events for your device to Proton touch event symbols.

Do I need to implement my own hit tester?
Yes, if your application requires a hit-test attribute generator, you must handle hit-testing yourself and have the attribute generator return the attribute value you have defined for the hit target.