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3D Puppetry: A Kinect-based Interface for 3D Animation


Basic Operation

To start our system, use the command line and designate a launch file, such as:

roslaunch kinect_tracker all_puppets_launch.launch

Launch files include a list of parameters, including the puppets and backgrounds that will be used in a performance and the names of animations to be saved or loaded. They also include advanced debugging settings that affect how the system tracks puppets. See the launch-file spec PDF for descriptions of each parameter.

As the tutorials explain, we provide example launch files for creating new animations, playing back animations (without an attached Kinect), and capturing image templates for new puppets.

Mouse and Keyboard Controls:

Our controls list includes all the keyboard and mouse commands.

Basic Tutorials

Playing Animations
Adding Sking Color Models
Creating Animations

Advanced Tutorials

Adding Puppets
Adding Backgrounds