3D Painting on Scanned Surfaces

Maneesh Agrawala, Andrew Beers, Mac Levoy


We present an intuitive interface for painting on unparameterized three-dimensional polygon meshes using a 6D Polhemus space tracker as an input device. Given a physical object we first acquire its surface geometry using a Cyberware scanner. We then treat the sensor of the space tracker as a paintbrush. As we move the sensor over the surface of the physical object we color the corresponding locations on the scanned mesh. The physical object provides a natural force-feedback guide for painting on the mesh, making it intuitive and easy to accurately place color on the mesh.

A painted 3D model of the Stanford bunny, generated using our system.

Research Paper

PDF (2.8M)

3D Painting on Scanned Surfaces
Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics 1995, April 1995. pp. 145-150.