Physically-Based Manipulation on the Responsive Workbench

Bernd Fröhlich, Henrik Tramberend, Andrew Beers, Maneesh Agrawala, David Baraff


This paper describes how a physical simulation can be integrated with our Responsive Workbench system to sup-port complex assembly tasks involving multiple hands and users. Our system uses the CORIOLIS physical simulation package extended to meet the real time requirements for our highly interactive virtual environment. We develop a new set of interface tools that exploit the natural properties of phys-ical simulation (i.e. the superposition of forces). Our tools are based on sets of springs connecting the user s hand to a virtual object. Visualizing these springs provides visual force feedback of the applied forces and facilitates the prediction of the objects behavior. Our force-based interaction concept allows multiple hands and users to manipulate a single object without the need for locking the object.

Research Paper

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Physically-Based Manipulation on the Responsive Workbench
IEEE Virtual Reality 2000, March 2000. pp. 5-11.