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Each pair of students will present/discuss the paper in a total of 20min.

Paper Presentation

The presenter will discuss the following aspects of the paper in a 10min presentation:

  • Novel Idea: Describe the new ideas presented in the paper
  • Algorithms: What are the key ideas of their proposed algorithms.
  • Main Result(s): Describe the main results obtained in the paper
  • Competitive work: How to the compare their results to related prior or contemporary work (if applicable)
  • Impact: What is the importance of these results. What impact might they have on theory or practice of Computer Graphics


The discussant will lead the discussion of the paper in the remaining 10min. Here are some topics that you should discuss:

  • Criticism: A criticism of the work that merits discussion
  • Ideas for further work: Did this paper give you ideas for future work, projects, or connections to other work?

The discussant should prepare and coordinate these questions together with the presenter. The discussant can then choose to lead the discussion by himself or together with the presenter. Please make the discussion section interactive. One strategy to encourage interaction in class is to divide the class into groups and have each group talk for a few minutes and come up with a proposal to the question asked. Make sure to provide your classmates with enough information during the presentation to think about these open questions. This is just one way to lead a discussion. Be creative, make it interesting and fun for everyone!

Time Constraints

Out of respect for the other groups and your classmates, we will be very strict about your allocated time. We will not let you go over the 20min and you will be graded on your presentation/discussion during that time. So practice your presentation in advance! It would be too bad if you only get to your second slide after 10min...

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