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One goal for this course is to help you build up your toolbox of algorithms for manipulating images. To that you will be responsible for implementing various algorithms you read about in the research papers. Assignment 0 is designed to help you learn MATLAB and must be completed individually. The 3 remaining assignments ask you to implement two algorithms from the various papers within the topics we have covered in the course so far. You may work in pairs for assignments 1-3. The short programming assignments will be due every two weeks.

Assignment 0: Hybrid Images

Due: Sep 12 by 5pm

Assignment 1: Texture Synthesis

Due: Sep 26 by 5pm

Assignment 2: Light Fields/HDR/Tone-Mapping

Due: Oct 10 by 5pm

Assignment 3: Gradient Domain/Resizing and Warping

Due: Oct 24 by 5pm

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