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Group: Vasily Volkov, Stacy Hsueh

Project: Tool for Reverse Engineering the Lighting Setup

Effective use of light plays an important role in creating beautiful photographs. Therefore, lighting setup is both an art and a technique to be learned. There are many types of setups, ranging from basic techniques like clamshell lighting and Rembrandt lighting to more sophisticated methods. Oftentimes, it is not obvious, given an image, as to how the setup is originally constructed. The ability to recover the light sources and the way they are arranged is invaluable to photographers, as such information is the essence of a photograph.

Our goal in this project is to find the lighting setup in a given image. There are a couple assumptions about the images we make in order to make our task manageable. First of all, we assume that geometrical information of the image is given. Secondly, we assume that the given images are produced using simple studio light. In addition, we will be concentrating on human portraits, and specifically portraits that are not processed by Photoshop. Lastly, we will not take indirect light from reflected surfaces into consideration.To achieve this, we will model the light setup in terms of light sources. Possible light source representations are point light sources, continuous light sources, 2D environment map, and 4D light field.

There are many possible applications of this system. Some examples are relighting of images and automatic generation of appropriate lighting setup.

Code: File:Automaticportraitedit.zip

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