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Name: Viraj Kulkarni

Assignment: Hybrid Images

Course: CS294-69, Fall 2011, UC Berkeley

The assignment was implemented in MATLAB. Below are a few examples.

These are the pictures of the same girl taken 20 years apart displayed along with the hybrid image.

Tanvi(today)Tanvi(kid) Hybrid Image

The following example illustrates the process of forming hybrid images:

Input images:

Me Shruti

Log magnitude Fourier transforms of the input images:

Fourier of input1 Fourier of input2

The first image is passed through a Gaussian filter and the second one through a high pass filter developed by subtracting the Gaussian filter from an impulse filter. Below are the filtered images:

Filtered input1 Filtered input2

Log magnitude Fourier transforms of the filtered images:

Fourier of filtered input1 Fourier of filtered input2

Log magnitude Fourier transform of resultant hybrid image:

Fourier of hybrid image

Result hybrid image along with the input images:

Me ShrutiHybrid

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