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Original images

These are two original images that I use:

Im1.png Im2.png

FFT Tranforms

These are the fft transforms of those images

Fim1.png Fim2.png

Filtered Images

Filteredfim1.png Filteredfim2.png

Hybrid Image

This is the hybrid image obtained by mixing the two filtered images. The image looks different from different distances.


Laplacian Pyramid

I apply a convolution of a 3 by 3 moving average matrix (lowpass filter) to the hybrid image to filter out high frequencies. The lowpass-filtered images is then subtracted from the hybrid image to obtain the prediction error L0. We can see that only features of the high-frequency image are retained as the process acts as a highpass filter.

Filter 1.png

The filtered hybrid image is then reduced by half on each dimension and applied the same 3 by 3 lowpass filter.

G 2.png Filter 2.png

The process is continued ...

G 3.png G 4.png G 5.png

Filter 3.png Filter 4.png Filter 5.png

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