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Group Members

  • Dhawal Mujumdar


Web analytics is a technique of collecting and reporting data based on Internet usage. Web analytics is used for multiple purposes like measuring traffic, user research, marketing success, advertising spend etc. Web analytics has matured over the last decade and remains the cornerstone of continuously evolving world wide web. Given the amount of data that is collected using web analytics, every solution for web analytics (ex. Google Analytics) provides number standard data visualizations like geo-location visualizations, traffic summary charts etc. And it has remained the same over a decade now. I'm interested in taking a look at the problem once again and exploring whether we can visualize data more efficiently by looking beyond existing set of visualizations. Web analytics is particularly large domain. I think it would be better if I can narrow it down to something more specific. Thus, I've decided to focus my efforts on visualizing data related to online advertising.

Dan - Apr 06, 2011 03:13:12 pm

Visualizing web analytics is a very saturated area, however, you seem to have found a sector within that field that people have really lacked in. You are definitely tackling a good problem here. Choosing images instead of captcha is interesting, how does this data get used in a visualization though? Won’t most humans select the correct images? What is the question for that particular set of data?

Jvoytek - Apr 06, 2011 03:07:58 pm

What questions would you want to answer with this visualization? In the context of your thesis project, visual mobile CAPTCHA, would statistical analysis of the number of images clicked give useful feedback?

Siamak Faridani - Apr 06, 2011 03:18:45 pm

Having played with Google Analytics I completely understand why this problem is important. I just didn't understand how you would like to solve this problem. I was hoping to see some basic prototype or a drawing of the idea.

Also it might be helpful to clearly identify your audience and their needs. For example web marketers have different needs than UI designers.

Great idea though I think I will use your tool sometime soon :) - Apr 06, 2011 03:23:33 pm

I think if you have a few high level questions that you want to answer with the visualization in regards to how visualizations of web usage in multimedia heavy websites, this can help inform what type of data you want to use to visualize, ie quantitative or qualitative, and how exactly you'd like to construct the visualization. I think it's an interesting idea and I look forward to seeing a more concrete idea!

Also, I found this paper, but I'm not sure if it'll be very helpful :) http://cs.sfsu.edu/techreports/06/summer/Characterization%20and%20Analysis%20of%20Usage%20Patterns.pdf

Matthew Can - Apr 06, 2011 04:52:51 pm

You explained the problem you're trying to tackle and the motivation behind it pretty well. But what I didn't get was a clear sense of what you intend to create. It would be useful to think about how someone would use your visualization. What do you want to help people do that was hard or that they couldn't do before.

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