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Manas Mittal and Dan Lynch

Project Description

A New, Semantically Aware Layout Scheme

Users are spending an increasing amount of time online. We are seeing an explosion in aggregators that collect information and present it to the user. However, the ways information and links are laid out tends to be linear. For example, google reader presents a linear list of articles that may be interesting to you.

We propose to do work done in the field of better layout techniques.

Specifically, we aim to collect data from various sources and present a unified interface for viewing data utilizing our layout algorithm. The algorithm will generate a layout whose features are characterized by various factors such as size, ranking, and social signals.

Data Sources

  • Users Twitter Feed
  • Google Reader Feed (available via API) (This might be better and is available via an undocumented API)
  • Stock market API

Factors to consider

  • Size of the image
  • Social Signals (Number of people who tweeted this)
  • Ranking TFI/DF


  • Image size
  • Heading size
  • Number of images that we can set.
  • Dropping articles.


  • How do other paper writers do this evaluation?
    • Visual Appeal
    • Important Articles
    • Evaluation against iPad app Flipboard.


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