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Group Members

  • Ryan Greenberg


This semester I'm working on a location-based project. One element of this project is how to visualize the amount of time an individual spends in given locations (or non-exclusive categories of locations). Limitations of many smart phones make it difficult to say how much time a person spent in a given location (even within a reasonably small window). In many cases, however, interesting information may not be the *amount* of time spent at a place, but rather that a person *was* at a place. I propose a new visualization technique relying on small multiples of shaded calendars to present users with tools to explore where they were at given times.

Although I intend to develop this technique based on this locations-visited dataset, I think it could be applied to other areas where periodic cycles on a weekly or monthly scale are expected.

Sample binary values in a small multiples display of calendars.

As part of this project, I will:

  • Refine this technique for calendar-based visualization.
  • Compare my technique with classic alternatives, like bar charts.
  • Write a simple library that produces small multiple calendar displays using HTML and CSS that codifies good design practices for using this technique.

Initial Problem Presentation

Midpoint Design Discussion

  • Link to slides here

Final Deliverables

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