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Project Proposal (Due 3/29)

Group Members

  • Kerstin Keller
  • Prahalika Reddy
  • Shimul Sachdeva


Family Trees are common and people like to explore who they are related to. However common known family trees are often static images and don't allow much user interaction and they do not depict situations that are common in todays life such as divorces and remarriage. Non- hierarchical data is often poorly/inadequately depicted. It is also hard to scale these family trees easily, especially when there are a lot of nodes/links.

We will develop a tool that produces an interactive family tree that the user can explore and that can handle the challenges described above. The family tree visualization will appropriately display unusual relationships (divorces, remarriages, etc) and provide more information for each node (information such where they live, what they do, etc.) when the user wants it. In addition, the user will be able to choose a particular "pivot" point, which will cause the irrelevant nodes of the tree collapse, while ancestor and descendant trees of the pivot point are highlighted.

As an alternative visualization, the family tree can be animated (on a map, showing the residence of family members).

Division of Labour

Prahalika: Interactive features. Report: Results, Discussion, Intro, Future Work, Conclusion

Shimul: Interactive features. Report: Related Works, Research, Methods, Acknowledgements

Kerstin: Basic radial tree layout and force based layout as well as root switching. Report: Methods

Initial Problem Presentation (Due 3/31)

Final Deliverables (Due 5/05 and 5/10)

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