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Group Members

Jonathan Yen & Aaron Hong


Currently there are a handful of information visualization tools available: Tableau, Flare, Protovis, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Excel, to name a few. Considering the popularity of Google Docs, and in particular, Google Spreadsheets, we hope to extend its capability for producing charts and graphs. It is quite simple to produce charts and graphs using the application in its current state. However, we would like to create a Gadget for Google Spreadsheets that enables the use of Protovis to produce visualizations with Google Spreadsheets. The aim of this project is to provide a GUI for Protovis, making use of the Google Spreadsheets API. We believe that there are several advantages to this approach:

  • Using Google Spreadsheets, people can collaboratively edit data, and view customized visualizations as they make the changes
  • Non-technical users can use Protovis without needing to learn the syntax of the language
  • The open-source nature of Google Spreadsheets enables us to build upon the application (compared to having to create a plug-in for a desktop application such as Microsoft Excel)
  • A GUI implementation of Protovis provides a way to explore the language in a more dynamic way

Initial Problem Presentation

ProtoDocs Project Presentation

Final Deliverables

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