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Group Members

  • Arpad Kovacs


The Spore API provides access to a database of over 140 million creations. Although there exist applications for analyzing individual creatures such as Sporistics, so far there is no way to visualize how different creatures relate to each other. I plan to create a tool for visualizing the trends and patterns in spore creature creations over time by querying the API to find creatures that have common parts, morphologies, and/or creators. My tool will displaying the results in a multidimensional hierarchy graph which implements the overview, zoom & filter, details-on-demand paradigm to allow closer examination of individual creatures' data. This project will deal with problems of fuzzy category membership, visualizing large datasets interactively through dynamic queries, and applying visualization techniques to a new domain.

Initial Problem Presentation

Related Work: Theory

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Related Work: Static Visualizations

  • 2007. Bininda-Emonds, O.R.P., M. Cardillo, K.E. Jones, R.D.E. MacPhee, R.M.D. Beck, R. Grenyer, S.A. Price, R. Vos, J.L. Gittleman & A. Purvis. The delayed rise of present-day mammals. Nature 446:507-512.

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Midpoint Design Discussion

  • Link to slides here

Final Deliverables

  • Link to source code and executable: File:AKSporeVis.zip
  • Link to final paper in pdf form: File:AKSporeVisPaper.pdf (Please note that this is only a subset of the full final paper, and is deliberately missing a detailed description of the creature matching and tree-construction algorithms, as well as discussion and future work sections. For a full version of the paper, please email akovacsATberkeley.)
  • Link to final slides or poster: File:AKFinalPresentation.pdf

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