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Lec 3 - Discussion of Good and Bad Visualizations


Chapter 4: Data-Ink and Graphical Redesign, In The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Tufte.

  • "Everyone spoke of an information overload, but what there was in fact was a non-information overload." Richard Saul Wurman. NICE
  • p92 "Above all else show the data." much the same as the last chapter, but more constructive
  • p93 data-ink ratio - even counts gridlines against ink ratio.
  • p96 - "reasonable graphical advice - for perhaps two-thirds of all statistical graphics. For the others, the ratio is ill-defined or is just not appropriate."
  • on erasing - surprising results of omission; thought provoking. What else can we erase and gain meaning? The very visualization of "less is more"!

Chapter 5: Chartjunk, In The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Tufte.

  • Oh snap, i've used patterns to denote label before. Whoops, sorry world.
  • As I mentioned before, grids as garbage is new to me, but totally makes sense.
  • The duck - I'm not sure I understand the california example. It's an attempt to put a lot of data in one image, not necessarily about ornamentation. I suppose that's the point? Doing something poorly "because you can"?

Chapter 6: Data-Ink Maximization and Graphical Design, In The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

  • the tukey box redesign is kinda meh. It does make a lot more sense for hand drawing, that's for sure, and it gets back to the fact that the data is at base 1-dimensional
  • bar chart white gridline and nothing else - pretty mnml, that's for sure
  • the notched box plot redesign is just showing off, come on now.
  • HOLY SHIT the scatterplot ideas are blowing my mind
  • dot-dash (meh name - scatterplot with distribution frame? well, it's simple...) is amazing. Add the numbers only for median, quartile, range, you give informed readers much more valuable information immediately. DAMN that's a great new plot tho.
  • rug plot - whoa, this is crazy. I could imagine if you're using a lot of common x-forms...

Chapter 3: The Power of Representation, In Things That Make Us Smart. Norman. (pdf)

Optional Readings

The representation of numbers. Zhang and Norman. (pdf)

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