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Good Example :

This image depicts how far the nine fastest sprinters in the history are behind as Usain Bolt reaches the finish line. Just displaying ten records in the table won't give you a grip on the significance of the tenth of seconds in the world of 100 meter sprinters. Bolt and Gay are almost 4 feet apart when there is only 0.09 seconds gap between them!

Source - Times. Dec. 28, 2009: 130-130

Bad Example :

The writer drew an analogy between the speed of each browsers and animals. However, neither the difference between actual movement speed nor drawn size of each animals is anywhere close to any browser speed comparison tests you can find on the web. This exaggerated image may give false understanding of browsers' performance to the readers.

Source - "Google Builds a Better Browser" Times. Jan. 11, 2010: 47-47

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