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Assignment 4. Part1.

My dataset is Import/Export Volumes for the G20 from 2000-2008. I'm interested in producing a visualization that allows the user to easily parse the data.

In order to do this, I'm using a Treemap where the size of each block depicts the volume of import or export for a given country in a given year. Since size encodes volume, the user can easily make sense of the data with a quick visual glance.

At the right would be a panel of radio buttons that allow the user to switch the visualization from encoding Import Volume, Export Volume or the ratio of Imports/Exports. At the bottom would be a slider that allows the user to visual the given variable in a year between 2000 and 2008. Please see the figure to see how this will look.

These design choices make sense for the domain as a tree map is a quick and easy way to visualize the data, and the interaction scheme allows the user to switch between different dimensions of the data.


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