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File:IQ vs Wikipedia Viewers.png‎

For this assignment, I was interested in Google Trends and was curious about wikipedia and whether there is a relationship between the usage of Wikipedia and one's educational background. So I decided to compare the different states based on IQ, and to delve deeper into whether IQ (which I am using as a measure of educational training). Ideally, I would have preferred to consider whether the viewers had a college degree or not, but that may be biased towards certain states which may have more major colleges than others. More specifically, the question that I had in mind was whether or not the digital divide really makes a difference in intelligence. The results that I got from Google Trends were very limited, as they only showed the top 10 states in viewership, and they did not break down the data any further than the state level. I decided to take the average IQ for each state, then compare that against the approximate viewership of Wikipedia, a popular online encyclopedia (which I am using as a measure of educational background as well).

Initially, I tried using Tableau, but I found it really hard to figure out how to use, and decided to just use Excel to come up with some sort of visualization for my data. I used a radar plot because I wanted to capture the data in a non-linear fashion (relative to bar graphs).

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