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I recently learned of Citibank's controversial history in Haiti. In 1910, after the US invasion, it bought the majority of the stock of Haiti's national bank, and consequently had a monopoly on currency issuing. So I was intrigued to see that Citigroup had given double in donations of the next closest US bank. I jumped off from this point with the story I would tell for my visualization: comparing donations between banks. To give it more context, I looked up donations of banks in other countries as well.

I went with a grouped bar chart because it facilitated comparisons of quantitative donation data between banks and countries easily. Each Bank is colored with a different hue to represent its differing nominal value. I tried to follow a rainbow progression of colors for aesthetic purposes, but also, the color grouping further aids in separating banks that belong to a particular country. The magnitudes of the lines carries most of the information, but there is also small dollar values written at the top of each bar for further clarification. This text is written vertically, as is the bank names so they are in line with the bars they label. This helps reinforce the perpendicular lines of the visualization. The country names are separated from the bank names by using a different font size, orientation and value.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

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