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Assignment 2 - All roads of help lead to Haiti


My graphic of the world map with help flowing towards (the needy) Haiti is presented above. Please view it in full 100% to get a perfect feel.


I have tried to portray a few important facts which come in light when one carefully observes the data available for Haiti relief. In this visualization I have tried to bring forth two important facts (stories!), viz. geographical distribution of aid and economical dominance of certain countries over the world.

The first story about the aid is that how aid to a country comes more from neighbors. One can see that if Haiti is kept at the center of a circle, aid is seen to follow from a circle of influence capped/encompassed inside eastern Americas, western Europe and northern Africas. Arrows of aid are seen shooting out mostly from these countries. So geographical closeness matters when it comes to helping a country.

The other (subtle) story inside this visualization is to show that US and Canada together make up economically similar aid to all Europe and Africa taken together. This can be seen as the bars get stacked up together. This, in my view, shows economical powers of various countries.

I also wish to point out, with hue (shading) that how intense is the help coming from countries. Thus higher the hue, higher is the per person help from that country. This makes countries like LU stand up. I have also use the UN codes for countries along with their help in millions to save space and make reading easy (not all countries may be geographically known to a reader). Also, I have tried to portray the fact that although their are many humanitarian organizations, and disaster relief grants, their relative percentage to ad-hawk help setup by voluntary contributions from nations is pretty low.

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