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I decided to show the contributions of various countries to the total amount as well as the generosity of its people. Using bar charts I encoded the most important information which is the fraction of the contribution or the amount per person. The relative contribution of countries or continents in shown in pie charts. The continent to which the country belongs is shown by its color. The median amounts are shown as a thin vertical dotted line. The red transparent highlighting quickly shows how the countries which have below average aid contribution do in terms of aid per person. An alternate to this was keep the order of counties fixed but then one of the bar charts would not be sorted and was very confusing. Joining the countries with arrows lead to too much chart junk. The left pie chart is shown in grayscale so the one does not confuse its color scheme with the continents. I think this illustration quickly shows what countries are most generous and if the total contribution for them is significant. For example one sees a yellow bar standing out on the right for Guyana and perhaps can find out by looking at a map that its generosity can be explained by its close proximity to Haiti.

One confusing aspect of this illustration is that the right pie chart shows contributions per continent and belongs to the left figure. However it was not aesthetically pleasing to put both the pie charts on one side. Putting the pie charts separately lead to too much white space.

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