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The visualization is shown as 2 charts that show the relationship between top donors and channels.

Haiti Funds: Top 10 Donors

Tools: Tableau; Paint

This visualization shows the channels used by the top 10 donors (in terms of monetary value) towards Haiti Relief Fund. The leftmost column aggregates the donations made by United States (the biggest donor) and divides the sum into the various channels used by United States. We can tell that WFP (World Food Programme) has been the primary channel used by US. Similarly Canada has used channels like IFRC and UNICEF. The visualization quickly reveals the 10 divisions, labeled at the top for easy viewing. The secondary classification within each column is also easy to identify due to ample spacing and labels provided below each bar. The label of the X-Axis and the title reveal the nature of data being viewed. In addition, the gradual fading of the blue from left to right depicts the degradation of amount donated from left to right. In addition, for easier calculations/lookup, each bar is labeled at the top by the exact amount in dollars, so the viewer does not have to guess using the Y-Axis values.

Some drawbacks of this image:

  • Only the top 10 donors have been displayed
  • The bars within each column heading could be arranged in an order (descending or ascending)
  • Each column head could be summarized with the total donation to obtain value without having to manually add all values within a column

Haiti Funds: Top 25 Channels

Tools: Excel, Paint

The image above shows a bar-and-line chart with top 25 channels on the X-Axis and 2 separate Y-Axes. The left Y-Axis is the amount of donation (in dollars) that the channel has contributed. The Y-Axis on the right depicts the number of donors that have used the channel. A quick glance reveals that even though WPF has donated the most, the number of donors that have donated through WPF is only 40. On the other hand, American Red Cross has 93 donors using the channel and yet it has not generated fewer funds in comparison to other channels. This could probably be due to the nature of people using these channels. WPF is expected to be used by big companies and nations, while American Red Cross depends on the public and small local companies for its donations, hence explaining the differences observed. Some count values close to the X-Axis have the value 1, meaning that the channel is used by a single donor. The colors used differentiate between the 2 sets of data being represented, making it easier to analyze both dimensions simultaneously. Also, it can be seen that the line running across the bars is not linear and hence does not hint at an obvious trend. This perhaps implies that the 2 amount of funding made via a channel is not directly or indirectly related to the number of donors using the channel.

Some drawbacks of this image:

  • Only the top 25 channels have been displayed

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