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Tool used: Excel

This visualization focuses on the 7 largest relief organizations and which countries used which organizations to donate to the Haiti Aid Fund. I decided to visualize this data in 2 different ways. First, the bar graph in the center shows the dollar amount of the total donation that each organization gave to the Haiti Aid Fund. The world maps, one for each organization, show which countries donated to the organization. Each graph also notes how many countries the donations came from.

Methodology: - From the detailed information given, add up all the donations where each organization was used as a channel. This gives the data for the bar chart. - For each organization, categorize the countries that donated using the organization as a channel. This information is used for the world maps.

With this visualization, I'm trying to tell the story of each organization's reach and influence around the world. Rather than just looking at how much total money each organization contributed, I wanted to look at how many countries the organization was able to get donations from. Being able to get donations from many different countries with many different cultures is an important skill and does tell a lot about an organization. This information is useful to know for future cases where this skill might be needed.

Looking at the data, we can see that WFP was able to get the highest total donations, it only received the donations from 12 countries. Although IFRC received less than half of WFP's total donations, it was able to get about 60% more countries to donate.

As a disclaimer, I'm not taking into account any external information, such as the countries an organization attempted to receive donations from or the strategy an organization takes for donations, which would affect the analysis of this data. Another important data point that would affect analysis is the amount of money the organization received from each country as a fraction of the country's GDP. That might give a more accurate picture of the effectiveness of the organization in each country.

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