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Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Open Office

What I want to communicate with my visualisation is what countries gave how many money. I deliberately chose only to display information about donations by governments, but to embedd that into the whole story I used a pie chart that shows what fraction the by governments donated money is compared to the total of all donations. This leaves out all additional information that are not country related.

By putting the information on a world map, the person who looks at the data can get a general feeling of what countries contributed how much, but it is also obvious which countries did not contribute at all. However, I did not focus on the absolute amount of money donated, but instead I thought it would be more interesting to focus on the "$ spent per person" aspect. Stll, it becomes obvious, that most of the money comes from North America and Europe.

I used different colors to outline the different continents (nominal data) and within I used hue for indication of how much money was spent per person. This allows for distinction between the continents but still guarantees the possibility to compare across continents. For making the comparison easier, I only used four different colors for each continent.

The second little graph within my visualisation compares the money donated by countris on that continent to the overall population of the continent. Since the axes of donated money and population are aligned it a way such that the overall money donated is on equal hight to the overall population, the comparison of the two bars gives again the ration between money donated and population.

This is also why the visualisation gives very few concrete numbers, but I rather wanted the user to look at the visualisation and get a general idea, in case more information is needed, he can still refer to the dataset.

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