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Shortly after Haiti's devastating earthquake, a lot of countries, companies, and organizations announced their intent to donate tremendous amount of money to support relief effort. However, more than half the amount of announced donor contributions are still unmet. Early and immediate funding is essential to keep situations in control and more imporantly, to save lives. Unreliable, and late contributions hinder United Nations from undertaking fast and efficient response. Although few funding mechanisms such as CERF(Central Emergency Response Fund) of UN are established to enable timely and reliable assistance, those amount is not large enough. Governments should establish their own version of CERF or at least try to minimize bureaucracy and paper works when responding to emergency situation.

This image focuses on the fact that there is much contribution yet to be committed and downsizes the generosity of people. The image consists of four different charts, which are worldwide source of Haiti donors, 'funding vs. uncommitted pledge' chart of overall, governments section and each goverment. First pie chart (upper-left) is to give overall grip of different sources of contribution and their total amount. Pie chart is chosen as it easily and effectively conveys to reader how much each items take up portions to build the whole. Color does not have any specific meaning in this encoding. Two pie charts in the upper-right corner gets to the point of story that large portion of contributions are still unmet (uncommitted pledge) in overall and governments section. Pie chart is selected for the same reason as the first one. Only the percentage, not the actual amount of money is shown to keep the reader to focus on the proportion of uncommitted/committed contribution. Color does have meaning in these two as blue indicates funding that is commited and contributed whereas red indicates funding that is not yet commited. Blue(good, OK) and red(bad, alert) scheme is used to encode. This also applies to the bar chart below. Bar chart at the bottom shows each country's funding vs. uncommitted pledge. The intention was to show that some countries made contributions in timely manner when others coudn't. This bar chart shows top countries in their amount of total contribution (both committed and uncommitted). Drawback of showing the top countries in their contributed amount is that such countries as Canada and Spain may give negative impression since their uncommitted pledge is larger than the actual funding they made. However, they already contributed much larger amount than those countries which have only the uncommitted pledges and some countries are not even on the list! I thought showing top countries in their contributed amount is better than showing all these small-amount countries as it also can gives false impression that those countries never keep the promise at all.

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