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Assignment 1

Good Example:

Wired Magazine had a small section in its January 2010 issue called "Charting the Wired World" that contains some funny (though not necessarily factual visualizations). The arrangement on the graph as well as the color of the visualization conveys the information and the joke; the green bar, which is the bottom line, is always the punch line of the the graph.

Bad Example:

This weeks issue of The Economist (January 16-22 2010) contained a confusing visualization of the proportional cost of past government bailouts compared to how much money has been re-cooped (at least that's what I think the graph is about). Even after reading the article (thought, I am admittedly not very knowledgeable on the subject), I was unsure what the varying magnitudes of solid and striped lines represent, or what I should be noticing about the ratio of the two.

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