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Good Visualization

Good Visualization (Source: IEEE Spectrum, January 2010)

This image depicts the high speed railroad system in Russia. I like this visualization since you can easy understand this map without any knowledge the Russian transit system. The dots represent each stop, and the map labels the major stops. Notice that the bigger cities have a icon of multiple buildings. The reader can tell how vast the railroad system is just looking at this map. I also liked how the path fades when the railroad enters the boarders, indicating that the train is able to travel outside of Russia.

Bad Visualization

Bad Visualization (Source: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. Pearson Eduction Inc, 2003, pg 34)

The textbook describes an example of a vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence. The model of the vacuum's world has two locations, which is depicted on the image above. The visualization of the robot's model of the world is quite confusing. The grey matter that looks like rock is suppose to be dirt. But no dirt really looks like that. Also, the robot itself in location A doesn't look like a vacuum cleaner at all. I had a hard time figuring out what that object was suppose to be. I feel if more realistic art were added to this figure, the visualization would not be as confusing.

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