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Good Example

This information visualization shows what portions of each state in the U.S. are eligible for Medicaid under a new Senate bill. This graphic was taken from Time magazine, January 18, 2010. I consider this a good information visualization because it helps to depict the impact of the Senate bill. I think that in general, maps are helpful ways to visualize data. However, in this example, it might be oversimplified because there are probably many factors that are being ignored by coloring in each state as one solid color.

Bad Example

This information visualization shows the percentage of market share that is owned by each candy company. While the candy bars can be helpful to understand what kind of data we are talking about, their use can be misleading. Each of these companies produces more than one different kind of candy bar, and the pictures do not account for those other chocolates produced by each company. Also, market share is probably better represented using a pie chart rather than bar charts (no pun intended).

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