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Good Example
Source: IEEE Spectrum Magazine, December 2009
From an article on power shortages in the Gaza strip. It nicely demonstrates the supply and demand of each region, as well as the flow of energy between regions. Also encodes time information, in the "before" and "after" bar plots. Sizes of arrows and bars correlate unambiguously to wattage, though time is somewhat subtly tied to color. Color might be better used to illustrate the country of origin of imported data. An additional graphic in the lower left summarizes the total supply and demand.

Bad Example
Source: Good Housekeeping's "The Complete Household Handbook"
From a book of standard advice on how to maintain a household / kitchen. This visualization is meant to demonstrate how practical different kitchen arrangements are, in terms of distances between the three points of the triangles. However, the visualization suggests that the area of the triangle is the most important aspect of the arrangement, which is not at all the case. It is not at all clear from the visualization which arrangements are good and which are bad. A better visualization would have springs between the corners of the triangle, (demonstrating that the goal is non-stressed springs) and would completely ignore the area inside the triangle.

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