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Good Example


This program was created by Hans Rosling and a group of researchers. Although this is an "online" resource, it has been featured in TED talks and referenced by many different publications. This graphic is used to charge countries and certain characteristics about the countries. So for instance you can chart the Average Life Expectancy vs. Income Per Person of all countries, while the size of the country's circle represents their population. This graphic makes it easy to spot trends and pick out information that would not have been easily understood in the ways (list, tables, etc...) that it had previously been assembled with.

You can see below a graphic I created that graphs the Life Expectancy vs Income per person with the US, China, and Rwanda highlighted. Although this is a little cluttered, using the application you can zoom in/out on certain parts.

Source: Gapminder.org

Bad Example

This visual was pulled from a Men's Health magazine. It is an EXTREME OVERSIMPLIFICATION of how to change the oil in one's car. You have to read the long explanation to get a basic idea of the process, and even that is off. My main issues with the visual are the following: car is not propped up on ramps (at least for this type of car, you won't be sliding under it anytime soon), the wrench taking out the oil plug doesn't depict how the oil will come squirting out at high pressure (making everything around you extremely dirty), loosening the filter often requires a wrench of some type, and some other important parts of the process. Essentially the visual does not provide proper instructions for the person, but rather depicts an oversimplification of the process. Rather than provide a step of instructions that article is mostly text, which takes longer to read and more time to interpret.

Source: Men's Health Magazine

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