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I felt this was a simple and effective visualization for the information wanting to be conveyed. The authors wanted to convey that a given person was connected to a number of other people. To do this, the authors used a web/spoke like diagram which clearly communicated how the author was connected to a variety of different people. The visualization included images of each person which created a personal touch and had ample space for verbal descriptions of each connection.

Forbes. Jan 18, 2010. pg. 98

This visualization, although simple, very readily defeats one of the cardinal purposes of information visualization. Instead of being a cognitive aid and reducing the load on working memory as Card has argued, this visualization does the exact opposite by using different units for the rows. In the first row, the visualization uses the units of millions while in the second it uses billions. By using different units, the visualization forces the user to make the conversions on their own in order to make an effective comparison between the rows.

Forbes. Jan 18, 2010. pg. 45

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