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Calvin is a fourth year EECS undergraduate at UC Berkeley.



  • Flex projects may not show the output of trace statements on the console in certain versions of Firefox 3.0.x (I'm using 3.0.3, but there are cases where this happens in 3.0.4). After double checking to make sure you have the debugger version of Flash, try disabling certain extensions (GreaseMonkey and AdBlock+ seem to be the common culprits). If all else fails, switching to another browser would help.
  • Testing (Flex) Applications for Performance

Visualizations Log

Rather than clutter the gallery or add unrelated comments, links to specific visualizations and any comments will be posted here (many will most likely be from The New York Times).

  • Can a President Tame the Business Cycle? - I like the simplicity of the graph (values encoded by hue) and the time line, done by years, but labeled by presidential term. The mouseover provides additional information, like majority party of the House/Senate, and the exact percentage. Clicking on "See Chart" at the left provides a more traditional bar/XY graph to see trends. It could be improved as there is no functionality when clicking on an individual bar: perhaps if a user clicked on it, the chart below would open up and the variable clicked on would be highlighted in both areas.
  • Op-Art: Electoral Map - There was a map visualization that was either covered in class or in one of Tufte's books (or both) that used multiple styles of shading to enumerate nominal values. The result was confusing, as there are only so many ways you can shade a state in without getting confused. The following map reminds me of that, with a bit of humor (and perhaps some seriousness) injected.
  • 3D TreeMap - Similar to the TreeMap visualization of markets and market sectors, this visualization makes use of TreeMap with a 3-dimensional extension; one can quickly glance at a specific sector (e.g., credit services) and using the color and size of the "box", one can see how a company is performing relative to another (in this sector, not so well).
  • Mapping the World's Fastest Supercomputers
  • Too Many Cars (Unsold Foreign Cars Hogging Space at a California Port) Simple graphic that gets the point across without the "chartjunk". A bit unclear from the graphic as to what the "Oct 08" signifies: the average up until October 2008 or is that data valid only for October 2008? On another note, it's a bit unclear as to how many cars a few months supply represents.

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