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Group Members

  • Nivay Anandarajah


Advancements in digital photo technology have allowed users to take an increasing number of photos. However, as the quantity of photos taken has risen, the means of organization has stayed relatively the same: the photo album. Developers have taken the familiar experience of a paperback photo album and ported it to the digital world. Users have the ability to organize a group of photos by an arbitrary label, scan a batch of them at a time, and then flip the page or change albums. This process only works provided the user is familiar with all of their photos. Additional digital enhancements include the ability to use thumbnails of various sizes to see more photos at a given time, and the use of exif data tags to group photos.

My goal is the create a new photo album visualization experience. The software should minimize the amount of time required to find a photo while maximizing the ability to see interesting patterns through photo organization. The grail would be to have a process efficient yet enjoyable. The method should also try to minimize reliance on data prepping.

Usability test will have to be conducted to empirically determine the issues involving photo organization and retrieval.

Research areas include small multiples, interactive zooming, dynamic space management (artistic resizing, adaptive grid based layout), and use of tags to encode data.

Initial Problem Presentation

Link to slides: Initial Problem Presentation Slides

Midpoint Presentation

Link to slides: Midpoint Presentation Slides

Final Deliverables

Final Poster: AlbumViz Poster

Final Paper: AlbumViz Final Paper

Source Code: AlbumViz Source Code (must import included libraries)

Final Prototype: AlbumViz

Instructions for using prototype:

1. Input Flickr user name (user must creative commons user with low privacy settings to navigate photos)

2. Input start date for when photos were taken (must be atleast 4 intervals of time in the past)

3. Set interval of time to explore tags, and number of intervals to explore

4. Click search and wait for results (often has long server lag, be patient)

5. Click on tags to bring up new representative image

6. Click on representative image to bring up all photos taken in that time period with that tag

7. Click on thumbnails to bring up larger images with Flickr title

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