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Project Proposal

A semantic wiki is a wiki which incorporates Semantic Web technologies to represent formalized knowledge. They aim to harness the respective advantages of the social, collaborative "Web 2.0" world and the structure and reasoning made possible by the "Semantic Web".

There are several implementations of semantic wikis, but the only one which is actually being adopted is Semantic MediaWiki. This currently supports the following types of visualization:

These allow the semantic structure underlying the wiki to be viewed and explored. Since the underlying representation is RDF, there are a number of standard ontology visualization tools that can use the data. Offline clients include Protégé and Jambalaya. SemanticGraph can present various ontology visualizations including GraphViz and FreeMind, but users are unable to use these representations to navigate the wiki.

This project will create an interactive visualization that will utilize information from the RDF model. The user will be able to navigate the wiki by clicking on elements of the visualization. Additionally, I hope to develop one or more similarity metrics (computed server-side) which will measure the similarity of concepts represented by different pages. In addition to viewing the 'ontological neighborhood' of linked pages, the user will be able to select a view that represents this similarity score visually.


  • Focus on a particular domain so you can incorporate features and avoid ending up with a general graph visualization
  • Semantic similarity is a big area
  • Visually encode category vs instance

Necessary Work

  • OWL/RDF processing in AS3 (as little as is required)
  • Request FactBox from current page or execute query to fetch additional pages
  • visualization of 'neighborhood', including nodes and typed links
  • server side similarity
  • visualization of similarity with toggle to switch between


Group Member(s)

  • Matt Gedigian


Related Work

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