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Group Member

  • Floraine Grabler


Recently photo manipulations such as retouching portraits have become increasingly popular. These techniques are not only used by professional photographers; many tutorial books are now available to teach hobby photographers how to enhance their photographs. The goal of this project is to automatically create such tutorials. To this end, I will first record the interaction of a user with the image and the UI in GIMP, a photo-editing program. Based on this information, I will create a tutorial that provides instructions for the operations and illustrates them with snapshots of the dialogue and the edited photograph. I will further annotate these snapshots by visualizing mouse movements and highlighting selections.

While the automatic creation of tutorials has been studied previously for various applications, my aim is to create tutorials specific to photo manipulations and to take into account image content. Knowing the content of the image such as the location of the facial features in a portrait allows for clearer instructions because they can refer to semantic elements in the image and can also allow one to potentially apply these instructions to a new image.

Initial Problem Presentation

Midterm Presentation

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