Assignment 1b: Visualization Deconstruction and Redesign

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Assignment Due: September 15, 2008

Preparing for a Pandemic. Scientific American, 293(5). November, 2005, p. 50

In the first part of this assignment you found one example of a good visualization and one bad visualization. For this assignment you must first deconstruct both visualizations and then redesign the bad visualization to improve it.

  • Deconstruction
    What data model, image model and encodings are used in the visualization? How large is the data set? Are there any uninformative elements? Here is an example deconstruction from a previous version of the course. Edit the wiki page you created in part 1a of the assignment to inlclude the deconstruction after your explanation of the visualization.
  • Redesign
    Improve the design of your bad visualization. You can use any tools available to you (i.e. photoshop, pen and paper, markers, paint, powerpoint, matlab, etc.). But you must generate a printable image which you can upload to this wiki. You should also describe how and why you redesigned the visualization. Add your redesigned visualization and the explanation to the wikipage you created in part 1a of the assignment.

The redesign part of the assignment may take some time. So plan accordingly.

How to create your wiki page

To turn in this assignment you should modify the wiki page you created for part 1a.

You should be able to get to that page by entering a url of the following form into your browser:

To upload images to the wiki, first create a link for the image of the form [[Image:image_name.jpg]] (replacing image_name.jpg with a unique image name for use by the server). This will create a link you can follow that will then allow you to upload the image. Alternatively, you can use the "Upload file" link in the toolbox to upload the image first, and then subsequently create a link to it on your wiki page.

Add a link to your finished assignment here

One you are finished editing the page, add a link to it here with full name as the link text. The wiki syntax will look like this: *[[A1-FirstnameLastname|Firstname Lastname]]. Hit the edit button for this section to see how I created the link for my name.

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