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Due: May 7rd 11:59pm 50 Points



In this assignment you will describe your semester-long video in a final project report video and submit your project source code.

Video (20 pts)

Your video must be narrated and can be up to 5 minutes long. It should tell a complete story of your project:

  • Motivation: who is you target user group and what are their needs? Where do existing applications fall short?
  • Your solution: a video demonstration of your interface. Focus on conveying the user experience.
  • Implementation: if you feel that your group solved interesting technical challenges along the way, describe your architecture briefly (no more than 30 seconds).
  • Evaluation: explain what you learned from user testing. What works, what remains to be improved? What would you tackle next if you continued this project?

You can expand on the presentation you gave on Wednesday (i.e., reuse some of the material). You can use still images and video. Think about screen-recording a presentation. We encourage you to publish your final video on YouTube or other video sharing sites.

Project Files (20 pts)

Submit a zip file containing

  • Your iPhone application source
  • If you are running a server that coordinates data exchange between applications, also submit the source code for your server application. Make sure your server is up and running until at least May 10 so we can test your application.
  • a README.txt text file that explains how to build and run your project.

Return Loaned Equipment (10pts & project grade)

If you borrowed any equipment (iPod Touch devices,web cams, flex arms), you must return the equipment to us by Friday evening, otherwise your group will not receive a grade for the class. If you did not borrow equipment, you will still receive 10 points.

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