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Joint Final Presentations for three Berkeley UI courses will be held on Wednesday, 5/5/2010, 6-9pm in the Banatao Auditorium and Kvamme Atrium in Dai Hall.

Presentations start at 6pm, posters at 7:30pm.

Teams from three courses will present: CS160, INFO213, and ART178



Directions to Dai Hall (CITRIS Headquarters)

Google Map of Dai Hall and nearby parking structures

Guest Judges

Presentation Schedule

CS160 - User Interface Design (Profs. Agrawala, Hartmann)

Grocery Guardian - An application that allows grocery shoppers to purchase allergen free foods for themselves and others by scanning the product barcode or searching a database.

Choreo - Streamline your dance practices! Easy song splicing and sequencing with our portable music editor, created just for dancers.

Skatemaster - Upload and share your trick repertoire. Become a local skate legend.

iDeck - iDeck is an application that aims to provide a network of portable card tables, boster social activity among friends, and keep traditional card games in the modern technology timeline.

iBeta - Rock climbing app for beginners.

Beerpressions - Providing beer aficionados an easy, efficient, and non-intrusive way to detail the subjective experience of tasting a beer as they drink it.

VetApp - A mobile social network for veterinary emergency doctors who treat small, non-exotic animals. Doctors can use their iPhones to ask questions on disease diagnosis and treatment, and receive answers from other physicians in real-time!

PetTrainer - Getting healthy is now as fun as a game when you and your virtual pet start training together in PetTrainer!

Roll Call - Quickly and easily take roll inside your classroom or on the go

iBCs - iBCs is a fun and interactive edutainment tool that allows children to creatively learn their ABC's and 123's.

iScout - An iPhone application for Boy Scouts to manage their progress in merit badges and assist group organization.

Coach's Clipboard - Everything a basketball coach needs. Draw plays, keep stats, and much more, all in this easy-to-use application.

Quickboards - Helps math and science teachers plan, manage, and present whiteboard-based lectures.

Modern Singing - Changes how singers practice individually by providing tools that bridge the gap between group practice and individual practice.

INFO213 - User Interface Design (Prof. Nichols)

Transporter - A novel public transit iPhone application to help riders get around the Bay Area

MySchool Music - An iPhone app for learning fractions while making music

ShareWhere - creating rules for sharing real-time location

phWarp - A mobile application that allows you to learn about your surroundings using historic images and information

Crohnology - Helps Crohn's disease patients capture, interpret, and act on information gathered from their observations of daily living (ODLs)

Mobile Web Annotation - Enables users to highlight, add, and retrieve notes to web pages in Mobile Firefox

Mobile CAPTCHA - Usable CAPTCHA Design for Mobile Devices

MeLo - Provides users with a way to add more personal and contextual information to location data

Closet App - Maintains a record of clothes in your closet and helps you put together and save outfits

A Good Choice - Helps users make informed purchasing decisions when confronted with a vast array of options

ART 178 / ANTHRO 196: Mobile City Chronicles (Profs. Niemeyer, Holston)

AfterImage - You think you know the city, but the city holds a secret...

Berkeley Chronicles - Travel back to 1969 and see if you have what it takes to survive the People's Park protest.

CityFiction - Create a new city through collective storytelling

Shadow Layer - Where do you stand in the struggle for the heart and soul of the city?

Viral Defense - Defend your body against microbial invaders!

Anthropologist - Can you tell the truth from a sea of lies? Anthropologists can, and with this game, you can become one too.

PostCard - The city is full of hidden histories, and of futures once hoped for but long abandoned. PostCard allows players to collect sites of glorious, charming and horrible pasts here and now.

Street Jockey - Debate Club meets Mystery Writing as your team explains mysterious features of the city with evidence collected in the neighborhhood, all in 20 minutes.

Final Presentation Slide Links

Judges' Choices and Popular Favorites

The following applications were


  1. Best application, need: Transporter (INFO213)
  2. Best application, functionality: Grocery Guardian (CS160)
  3. Best application, originality: Shadow Layer (ART178/ANTHRO196)


1. Transporter (INFO213) 2. iBCs (CS160) 3. Shadow Layer (ART 178/ANTHRO196)

Other applications that received frequent mention: Skatemaster, Coach's Clipboard, Modern Singing (CS160); ShareWhere (INFO213); StreetMix, Viral Defense (ART/ANTHRO)


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