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Due: before class on April 21

10 Points Individual Assignment



The goals of this assignment are to gain experience writing performance reviews and to give the teaching staff a clear understanding of individual contributions to your group project.


Please review your group’s performance on the project so far. You should provide one paragraph on each member of your group (including yourself) and one paragraph on the group as a whole.

Try to address the following, but feel free to answer additional questions and/or ignore irrelevant questions as you see fit: How did the person’s or group’s performance fall short, meet, and/or exceed your expectations? How did each person contribute to the project and how did his or her contribution change over the course of the semester? How much was the assignment’s success(or lack thereof) a result of each person’s efforts? How might each person improve his or her performance in future group projects? How might your group improve its performance?

For each person and for the group, you should also provide a rating from 1-5, where 1=Unacceptable Performance and 5=Superb Performance.

This is an individual assignment. There should be no collaboration whatsoever.

Be honest and be fair. Keep in mind that being critical does not preclude being kind. Part of the challenge of this assignment is figuring out how to report both praise and criticism constructively.

The teaching staff will be taking your report into account when we compute final course grades.


Your plain text writeup should follow this outline:

  • Group review. Rating (1-5) and review (one paragraph) for the group as a whole. [2 points]
  • Self review. Your name, rating (1-5), and review (one paragraph) of your own performance.[2 points]
  • Peer reviews. Name, rating (1-5), and review of each member of your group (one paragraph). Repeat for each member. [6 points total]


  • Print your assignment and hand it in at the beginning of lecture on April 19.
  • Also, email your assignment to

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