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Group Outline

Our group application is targeting people who wants to lose weight but still have fun by running. This is why this application has a pet inside to make the game pet thinner.

Group Brainstorm: Group K

10 Related Applications

1. Pedometer Link

2. iTreadmill:Pedometer Ultra w/ PocketSte Link

3. iPet Pets Link

4. Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World Lite Link

5. iFitness Link

6. iSteps Pedometer Link

7. iPet Dogs Link

8. Lose It! Link

9. Nike Training Club Link

10. 2Fat Link



The Pedometer application is targeting people who want to lose weight or exercise through walking or running. The difference between a regular pedometer and this application is that it counts the distance of how much a person walked and how much calories he/she burned. Also, it has a timer system so it targets competitive runners too. My group’s application targets people who desire to lose weight but cannot go out running with a regular pedometer. Our application tries to make walking/running more fun through the pet the person’s owns in the application. The pet loses its weight as the user walks/runs, so it makes losing weight more fun because someone else (the pet in the app) is losing weight with the user. The function it offers is the pedometer (counts steps, distance, and calories), timer (counts lap time if running at places like a track field and speed), history (how much a person ran in the past), and setting (to set your height and weight / change sensitivity, metric system, GPS, and power-saver mode). In our application, we will most have things like distance, calories, and timer, but the biggest difference again is the pet mode. With the pet, the user can go out and walk/run more like a game. If he/she does not run the pet becomes fat, so that does not want to happen. For the Pedometer application, this is a very good simple application because it shows the user a stat that would usually say in a good treadmill. Also, it has a music playback, so the user can listen to music while this application is in use (which is essential in a workout app). However, the bad part about this is that most people do not like running so the user must be a dedicated person to run with this application. However, our application makes running fun with the pet. Maybe if a lot of people use this application people will start comparing each other’s pet so it will motivate the people to lose more weight because they do not want others to see your fat pet.

iTreadmill:Pedometer Ultra w/ PocketStep

This application is known to be one of the best applications on iPhone. It received awards like 3rd on Health & Fitness Apps, Top Healthcare App, and CNET’s Top 5 Fitness Apps. This application can do whatever the Pedometer application can do. In addition, it counts strike rate (how many steps per minutes), speed/pace, and a history of how much a person ran in graphs. Target user group, functionality, and usability are all basically the same as the Pedometer applications. However, the application seems to be better because of all the reviews and the awards it received. Again, this application only works for diligent runners. If the users do not like running/walking, my application would work much better because the point is to make exercise more fun. Losing weight is not the only reward the user gets through my application because it is fun to make your pet into a good pet.

iPet Pets

This application is not a workout application. This is a social application (which means the user socializes with whatever character he/she owns. The target group of the user is probably young teenagers (13 – 15 years old) and especially girls. The game has cute pets, which the users can feed, pet, and play with them. The pet changes mood according to when the last time it got fed, petted, or played with. The target group is obviously different from my application because we are aiming for walkers/runners, but with my application it can also attract people who use this application because it is very similar. The user has to take care by walking/running. Also, for my application, it will be realistic if the user can feed the pet just like iPet, but have to write how much calories the user obtained, so the pet eats the same thing the user eats. There is no mood change in my application, but the pet becomes thin by running and fat by eating all the time. The iPet Pets applications lets the users post their pets online so they can look at another owners’ pets. My application should do the same, so the runners/walkers can look at how much weight other users lost/gained during that week, so it will be a motivation for other users to lose as much as others. The only bad part about the iPet Pets is that there is no good in real life because the users do not get rewarded by creating the best pet. However, when the pet looks good in my application, it means that the owner is looking good too because he/she lost a lot of weight.

Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World Lite

I checked this application because my application is based on adding together a pedometer and Tamagotchi. However, I noticed that this iPhone application is nothing close to the original Tamagotchi game. The original Tamagotchi is very similar to the iPet Pets application (the one I described before) because the user needs to feed, play, and take care of the Tamagotchi character in order for the character to turn into a good pet and not die. However, this Tamagotchi application seems to be targeting young children (5 – 9 year olds) because it has a cute Tamagotchi characters and they interact with live plants, rocks, and clouds. Obviously this is nothing similar to my application because the user actually does not really raise the Tamagotchi characters (for iPets Pet, the user at least needed to make sure that the pet was in a good mood). My application is better because the users will feel like they are interacting with their pets because when they go run, it feels like they are taking a walk with real dogs in the park.


Since my application’s ultimate goal is so the user can lose weight, I checked some of the workout applications. iFitness seems to be a good application if the user wants to work out efficiently. It lists the work out according to which muscle the user wants to work on and also creates a routine for him/her. Each workout has pictures explaining what to do, so even first-time work outers can use the application. It is not necessary for my application to have images of how to run because everyone knows how to run. I am not a big fan of the application because I believe the best way to workout is through a real trainer because he/she can fix your forms. For my application, while running, the user can see the pace (how fast he/she is running) and he/she should know what is too fast and too slow. Also, many times when I workout on my own with list of workouts, I usually give up and do not finish the workout. This is because I tell myself that I did enough today when I do 75% of the workout. However, with the pet on my application, I will try to finish my goal because if I do not, the pet will not slim up and that is part of the fun with my application.

iSteps Pedometer

This is another Pedometer application. Does the usual like how many steps, distance, speed, calories, and history. I believe that this application is targeting women who want to lose weight not like Pedometer and iTreadmill applications, this application has more colorful interface and it looks cuter. Also the naming iSteps does not sound as boring as Pedometer and iTreadmill. My application can also target women to because of the pet. Many women like cute pet characters, so it can attract women too. The difference between the other applications are that it takes the users’ heights and weights because it is different for each people how much calories they burn. Also, the users can choose whether they are running or walking. Out of all the applications that I looked so far, this application has the simplest interface and looks easiest to use. Looking at this application now I have to consider how to make my application as simple as possible because it might get complicated because my application is basically two applications (Pedometer and iPets Pet) put into one, so some people might have trouble learning how to use it.

iPet Dogs

This is the same exact application as the iPet Pets. The only difference is that the target group is for dog lovers since it uses real dog photos as the users’ pets. Therefore, if my application wants users from this application, I just need to make sure that there are dog pets and other animals as pets too.

Lose It!

This is an application to keep track of how much calories, sodium, cholesterol, fat, carbohydrate, and protein. Even though this is not really a Pedometer or work out application, I believe this is the most useful application in general if a user is worried about his/her weight. This application tells the user how much calories each food contains and keeps track of how much calories the user has consumed in that day. Also, the user can set up how much calories he/she wants to consume in a day and the application tells the user how much more calories are allowed on that day. The application also asks whether the user exercised today (has list of exercises and take account of the calories). On the other applications, it does not really take into account about what food the user have eaten that day and this is the only application that tells the user how much calories each food contains, so it is perfect for people who want to lose weight. I think I can take a lot of ideas from this application. For example I like the idea of having a goal of how much calories the user can consume per day and being able to check how much calories each food contains. Since what the user eats is a big factor in losing weight, I would like to get ideas from this application.

Nike Training Club

This application is targeting women who want to lose weight. The application is an accompany program for This application let’s the user look at work out videos, set a schedule of exercise the user will do that week, and keep in contact with user’s friends, so she/he can look at how much other people worked out during that week. Like the Lose It! application, this application also sets a goal for the day. This was the first application that used a video to explain the work out. This is an advantage because it is always better to see the actual movement than images. I believe my application is better than this because of the unique feature of being able to have a pet and lose weight with the pet.


This application is very simple. The user types in his/her weight and waist size and the iPhone calculates the user’s body fat percentage. It is a very fun application to use because most people want to know their body fat but it is not something that can be found easily by him/herself but let’s the user to find out. However, the problem is that it is not easy for a user to find out his/her waist size especially alone. This application, however, does not tell the user how he/she can lose weight and body fat percentage so it is a fun application to use but not useful. I think it is a type of application the user use it once and never use it again. Looking at that point, my application is more useful and it is something the user will use more than once.


Looking at the other application was very interesting. I checked four groups of applications: pedometer; social game; workout; weight losing. Pedometer applications were basically all the same. It is basically a pedometer with a timer. The problem with these applications was just that they only work for people who actually go out for a walk/run on daily basis than these applications are useful. However, for people that do not, my application is better since they are responsible to make the pets thinner. The second type of application was social game. These are applications are just for the users to have fun by growing their pets and comparing with other pets. This application may be fun, but is useless in real life because the user does not lose weight or can look up for useful information. Workout applications seemed helpful but I think the best way to workout is to find a workout partner/friend, not with an iPhone because a person needs some motivation workout or go for a run, which is why my application works. The user will be motivated to make its pet as thin as possible to show it off to his/her friends. The weight losing application is good to keep track of what food and how much food a user eats. Since eating habit is important in order to lose weight, I want to add about food to my application like Lose It! application. I think my application is unique and superior compared to the applications I researched because my application is a combination is a combination of multiple applications. Even though running/walking is done alone but it gives a partner to workout with (the pet) and makes it fun. After looking at it though, I would want to take a closer look at what food the user consumes and being able to calculate the calories the user eats on daily basis, so the pet will gain/lose weight according to the food and exercise.

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