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Restatement of the group's idea

Our group's application targets people who want to have fun while exercising (in this case running, jogging, or walking). To add motivation and fun, the application will feature an avatar who's appearance and stats directly reflect the user's activity levels and dieting.

Group Brainstorm: Group K


1. iTreadmill

2. JogAlot

3. iSteps Pedometer

4. Tamagotchi: 'Round the World Lite

5. iPet Dogs

6. My Weight Loss Coach

7. RunningKeeper

8. iWalk

9. Go Walk Pedometer

10. Food IQ



iTreadmill targets people who exercise regularly and want to track their exercise routines. There are metrics for distance, steps, step rate, calories burned. There is also data logging for comparing data between different workouts.


JogAlot is another app that caters to people who already run or walk. The interface is very simple, with a large display for the step count, as well as metrics for running time and calories burned.

iSteps Pedometer

iSteps, like other pedometer apps, tracks the user's step count, speed, and distance traveled. There are additional inputs to adjust for height and weight variances.

Tamagotchi: 'Round the World Lite

Tamagotchi is a spiced up port of the original key-chain toy. The player can feed their pets and tickle them, among other possible interactions.

iPet Dogs

iPet Dogs lets the user select a photo for their digital pet dog. There are also some mini-games and a feeding feature to enhance the fun factor.

My Weight Loss Coach

My Weight Loss Coach offers cooking tips and helps track the user's diet. Various foods are represented with pictures, and the user is presented as a stick figure.


RunningKeeper functions much like the other pedometers already mentioned, but also allows for background music to be added.


iWalk presents all the usual pedometer metrics in one convenient screen. There are also options to specify height and weight to get more accurate calculations.

Go Walk Pedometer

Go Walk Pedometer differentiates itself from other pedometers with a sensitivity selection control to minimize false positive readings from the accelerometer.

Food IQ

Food IQ focuses on tracking the user's daily intake of calories and nutrients. In particular, calories and fat are represented with status bars that fill up as the user inputs more foods for the day. There is a search option, as well as a favorites list and recipe suggestions.


The apps I checked fell into the following categories: pedometer, interactive pet game, weight loss, and diet tracking. For the pedometers, the primary features were step and calorie counting along with adjustments for height and weight. For the games, a common feature was feeding the pet. The weight loss and diet tracking apps featured recipe suggestions and searches for foods.

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