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CS160: Competitive Analysis


We hope to develop an application for Boy Scouts to track their progress in their badge work and coordinate outings and fundraising events. The application would show requirements, details and tips on how to complete them and a way for leaders to monitor the progress of each scout.

List of Competitors (10)

• The Boy Scout Handbook

Target User Group: Boy Scouts, young teenagers, Scout leaders

Functionality: This application is an electronic copy of the Boy Scout hardcopy book. It contains the requirements of each Scout rank but the application is a static and does not provide the functionality for users to track their progress.

Usability: The application is intended to be a travel version of the hardcopy book as a reference you can always carry with you.

• Cub Scouts Glossary

Target User Group: Scouts, people who interact with scouts

Functionality: A quick look up application to scouting terms. The application has a dictionary of terms and their definitions listed in alphabetical order.

Usability: Can search for terms using a keyword search.

• Knot Guide

Target User Group: Outsdoorsmen, people who work with rope

Functionality: A visual collection of multiple knots. Shows an image of the tied knot and has a button to show a clip of the knot being tied.

Usability: Ability to look up knots by name or category. Users can save favorite knots for quick reference. Application includes a small dictionary of knot lingo.

• iSurvive – Military Grade Survival Manual

Target User Group: Outdoorsmen, military servicemen.

Functionality: Step by step guide for survival for scenarios outlined as chapters.

Usability: The manual organizes scenarios into chapters and is read like an instructional manual.

• eTrailtoEagle

Target User Group: Scouts, Scout leaders

Functionality: Partner application to website that helps scout leaders monitor the progress of scouts through the requirements to the highest scout rank.

Usability: Gives mobile access to progress reports of all the scouts in a troop that are enrolled in the tracking website.

• ScoutTracker

Target User Group: Scouts, Scout leaders

Functionality: Shows the requirements for the seven scout ranks and provides a way to check off the requirement when they are completed with the leader’s name and date of completion. This guide doesn’t show requirements for Merit Badges.

Usability: Stand alone application that each scout would buy to keep track of his own progress.

• Wilderness Survival Skills

Target User Group: Outdoorsmen

Functionality: A Q&A trivia deck of flash cards that cover tips for surviving in the outdoors.

Usability: A set of flash cards that can only be scrolled through. No search makes the information hard to access quickly.

• Survivor Pocket Ref

Target User Group: Outdoorsmen

Functionality: An electronic guide book for several survival scenarios. The application provides illustrations and walk through guides to follow when caught in the situation.

Usability: Allows users to flip through pages with their fingers, pinch to resize pictures and text, one tap Table of Contents access, search and bookmarking capabilities.

• Scouts Australia

Target User Group: Scouts traveling through Australia

Functionality: Look up nearby scout groups using GPS. Shows top 10 closest troops and provides a look up map.

Usability: Application is to be used when traveling through the Aussie outback to find like-minded scouts.

• Scouting for Girls

Target User Group: Girl Scouts

Functionality: Extensive collection of girl scout books covering requirements, outings, fundraising. Auto-scroll, day and night mode, portrait and landscape, copy and paste.

Usability: A look up reference book.


Existing applications for tracking scouting progress have made attempts at listing the requirements for the different scout ranks, providing the functionality to check off completed requirements and monitoring of scouts progress, however currently available apps do not provide a good way for scouts and scouting leaders to communicate with one another effectively in tracking each scouts progress. We envision scouts could still benefit from an app that helps coordinate event planning and complete badge requirements through interactive tutorials.

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