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Restatement of the group's idea

My group's application is to search all coffee shop near an input address and help users check comments and rates of them to choose good one as soon as possible.

My group's Brainstorm page is :

List of related applications

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  7. myStarbucks:
  8. Coffee Spot-Pro:
  9. Beanhunter:
  10. CoffeeSeeker:


Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop is an application to find all the nearby Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Coffee Bean and it's a Grind shops within a couple of minutes.

Coffee Shop's target user group is people who usually go to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Coffee Bean, and Grind shops. This target group is narrower and more specific than our user group, but there may be more people that go to different coffee shops other than them.

Coffee Shops displays all the shops on a map or users can look at the nearest shops first and then choose more detailed options like working hours, products and services, phone number, payment mode accepted, Wi-fi hotspot availability, and distance from user current location. Users also put a different address. This application looks easy to use and useful because they have tons of options. However, it does not have any rate and comments, so it is pretty difficult for users to choose and go to a good coffee shop.

Amsterdam Mobile Guide

Amsterdam Mobile Guide is an application to gives users with descriptions of Amsterdam's most popular attractions.

Amsterdam Mobile Guide's user group is travelers to Amsterdam who needs information abut attractions including restaurants and bars, sights, hitless, shops and much more. This user group is a little bit different from out user group because our use group tries to search only coffee shop, but this user group tries to search many attractions.

Amsterdam Mobile Guide searches almost 200 of Amsterdam's best venues for travel, locates areas of interest on an interactive map, views within walking distance of user current location in Amsterdam, and keeps Amsterdam's greatest at your fingertips even when you have no service. I feel like unlike our application, this application has a lot of information about different attractions, so it might not have detailed information for each attraction. And it seems like that a list of attractions is not organized by category , so it is pretty annoying for users to what they want. I think it's better to be categorized for users' convenience.

Coffee Addict

Coffee Addict is an application for users who want to find the closest coffee shops.

Coffee Addict's user group is people who likes drinking coffee. This user group is pretty similar to our user group, but a little broader. Our user group is not just coffee lovers, but people who try to find good coffee and want to review coffee shops.

Coffee Addict searches the closest coffee shops near the current address or input address, and displays searched coffee shops on the map. I seems like this application is just like GPS plus coffee shop finder, so it does not have any other functions such as descriptions of coffee shops, and rate. Therefore, it is pretty hard for users to know which coffee shop has Wi-fi or good coffee. To improve functionality and convenience, it should have more information about coffee shop and need a function to make a list of coffee shops so that users can see and short descriptions of coffee shop and choose one easily.


iLocate is an application to search all coffee shop wherever users are.

iLocate's user group is just general coffee lovers. This user group seems fine, but I think this application is a little bit broad compared to our user group. Our user group is people who like drinking good coffee and commenting coffee shops.

With iLocate, users find all coffee shops closed to current location or any other input address, easily scroll through coffee shops with a smart one per line display, do one click contact info and directions, and see by list or by map for easy decision making. This application does not have any amazing differences from other similar coffee shop finder. It just finds coffee shops location and shows directions. However, our application is much helpful and smart enough for users to make decisions of all list of coffee shop because of review and comments.

Where Is Coffee?

Where Is Coffee? is an application to tell users instantly where there are coffee shops close by and even tell users which are the best.

Where is Coffee?'s user group is coffee lovers who try to find the best coffee shops in the specific area. This group is almost the same as our target user group.

Where is Coffee? has over 23000 pre-located coffee shops included, interacts with the Google Maps API, adds coffee shops to the global database, and write rate and review coffee ships. It seems like this application is almost identical as our application. Withe this application, it looks like that users put their own overall rate of coffee shops. However, the better thing of our application is that our application has more detailed rate such as service, coffee, and traffic rates. Moreover, our application has the overall rate of them. I hope this detailed rate system will help users choose coffee shops better.


TimmyMe is an application to search Tim Hortons coffee shops near current location.

TimmyMe's user group is people who usually go to TIm Hortons to have coffee. And I think it is especially for people in Canada since Tim Hortons are only in Canada as far as I know. This user group is pretty much targeted than our user group, but I do not think this application is that useful for regular people because it only searches Tim Hortons coffee shops.

TimmyMe searches Tim Hortons coffee shops and shows a list of them with address and distance. I am not pretty sure that if it will display them on the map to show the shortest path to get to there. This application is much simpler than our application because it only searches one coffee shops, so that users do not have to consider which coffee shop they want to go, but they just can go the closest one. This fact is pretty good for users. However, our application is more practical because if certain area does not have TIm Hortons coffee shops, then users will have difficulty finding another coffee shops.


myStarbucks is an application to search the closet Starbucks and help users build their drinks.

myStarbucks's user group is people who usually go to Starbucks to have drink and who do not really know what drink they are going to drink. This user group is also pretty targeted than our target user group, but like TimmyMe's user group, I think it is not useful enough because there might be more people who do not go to Starbucks regularly or who live in the area where they cannot find Starbucks.

myStarbucks searches Starbucks coffee shops near users' current location by amenities and gets directions. It also has a function to help users build drink so that users can build their drink exactly how they like it and send it to a friend. Moreover, it even includes a food menu with nutritional information. Like other similar application, it has a same function to search coffee shops. However, it has a special function to build users drink. I think this function is really good for users because they do not have to stay and think what they are going to get in the shop. I do not know if the included menu is really useful, but I think the drink builder feature is really amazing.

Coffee Spot-Pro

Coffee Spot-Pro is an application to search the closet coffee shop near users.

Coffee Spot-Pro's target user group is coffee lovers. This user group is almost the same as our user group, but our group is bit narrower. The user group for our application is coffee lovers who really like drinking "good coffee" and sharing those information with people.

Coffee Spot-Pro makes a list of all brands of coffee shops in users area, saves favorite locations(it is great for travelers), searches by users coordinates or by city or zip code, makes it possible for users to quickly call or map locations, and invites friends to join at a shop. This application has some functions that our application does not have such as quick call and invite friends. However, I do not think this functions are not that useful because we do not really call to coffee shops and we can just give our friends shop's address. One good thing of this application is a feature that allows users to save favorite locations. This feature will help users make decisions in the futures. our application has a similar function of this, rate and comment system.


Beanhunter is an application to find a quality cup of coffee near wherever users are

Beanhunter's target user group is exactly the same as our user group: people who like drinking good coffee and writing review to share it with other people.

Beanhunter makes it possible for users to find coffee shops near users or anywhere in the world, read reviews, write reviews, add coffee shops, photos directly, and save users favorite coffee shops for quick access. This application is almost the same as our application. Being able to save coffee shops and take photos is better than our application. If users can save coffee shops, it helps users' decision in the future. And Photos will help users have a quick glimpse of coffee shops. One better feature of our application is that our application has more detailed rating system, so that users can easily decide which coffee shop they want to go.


CoffeeSeeker is an application to find coffee shops wherever users are.

CoffeeSeeker's user group is a normal coffee lovers. It seems like it is similar to our user group, but it is a little bit different. Our user group is narrower because it is for coffee lovers, who like drinking good coffee and writing comment about it.

CoffeeSeeker finds popular coffee ships near users current location, shows the direction and the distance to each coffee shop, saves users favorite locations for easy access, and filters the results based on distance and preferred stores. It looks like this application is a just navigation system with a coffee shop finder. It does not really have additional feature. One additional feature is to save favorite coffee shops. Unlike this, our application has a special function to rate coffee shops, so that it makes it easy for users to decide which shop they want to go.


After I searched the similar applications to our application, i feel like there are many coffee shop finder applications already out there for IPhone. Some of them are even almost the same as our application. So, I took a really close look at them to find any advantages and disadvantages of our application comparing to the ones are already out. Most target user groups of these applications are a bit generous, just coffee lovers. Some user groups are narrower than this such as people who finds good coffee and who usually go to a certain coffee shop.

Most applications have basic functions such as searching coffee shop, displaying them on map. Of all similar applications I reviewed, Beanhunter and myStarbucks are the most powerful ones. The Beanhunter has some powerful features that our group members haven't thought about: saving favorite coffee shops, taking pictures of them. The myStarbucks is only to search Starbucks, but it has a wonderful function, a coffee builder. Our group member thought that our application is powerful enough for users' convenience and preferences because I think we did not have enough search. However, after this deep search, it turns out to me that our group need to think more about our application's features. I'm not pretty sure if photo and coffee builder functions are really powerful, but our members need to consider them and think about how we can make our application more powerful and convenient for users. However, I'm absolutely sure that our application should have the function to save favorite coffee shops because it definitely needs for users' easy access in the future. I really feel like that our group need more and more critic meetings to improve our application based on their competitive analysis.


Our group is going to change the topic to Singing App. The description is the following:


  1. Record other voice layers (i.e. background or harmony), and record yourself to play back with other parts
  2. Learn your part for song sung with a group
  3. Plays back instrumental of song with options to select which other voices to add (can turn other parts on/off as desired) -> would also support practice with members of group
  4. Can display timed lyrics karaoke-style
  5. Can load your part in, record yourself singing, and app will show you places where pitch/rhythm was off

Target User Group: Singers Highlights: Uses microphone Description: Helps singers practice songs with music and harmony/backup without having to physically be with the rest of the group, can adjust which parts to play back

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