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It is important to attend the lectures and read the readings.

We will assess class participation in multiple ways. Class participation will primarily be assessed in section during design critiques and formulations. Participation in section includes sharing ideas and active listening.

As another form of participation, you will also be required to leave one substantive discussion comment or question pertaining to a reading. The comment should be the length of a short paragraph (3-4 sentences).Comments must be posted before the lecture. We will NOT accept comments after the lecture.

Examples of good comments:

  • Clarification of some point or detail presented in reading.
  • Questions about the readings or answers to other peoples questions.
  • Connections to relevant idea and topics on the web.

In some cases we will provide a set of questions for the readings that you should consider as you do the reading. Well thought out answers to these questions that extend the discussion and do not repeat earlier comments will also count as substantive comments.

We will use a submission form for each week's reading assignment. Once we have collected all of your responses, we will publish them to the wiki. We have also posted a couple of examples of comments for the second lecture.

Feb 09, 2010 11:47:53 pm

It is really vague how we can get full points on our responses. Unfortunately, we cant really comment on each other's comments since we cant see any of the comments before the reading responses are due. After that, even for clearing points from the reading we don't get full points. I think the grading of responses can be a little bit easier since people think differently.

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