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Subversion is popular version control system often used for source control. Wikipedia has a good overview of it.

You will need to install Subclipse to use Subversion with Eclipse.

Please note: as of March 28, access to the repositories is controlled via authentication. The usernames and passwords are the same as the instructional/named account you used to sign up for the repositories (i.e. separate for each team member).

The repositories are available at{groupname} and are as follows:

  • anbaricsheep
  • teammegahard
  • cxmcmbutterfly
  • groupyourlife
  • teammetax
  • group14
  • mechanicalsquirrel
  • teammoomoo
  • group3
  • teamtreo
  • group7
  • teamawesome
  • teamfreakingamazing
  • theflash
  • groupgoodlookin
  • teamhappytoastmobile
  • groupjybz
  • teammadeofsmiles

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