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Please select a 15 minute time slot on Tuesday April 29th for your group to meet with the teaching staff and present the final result of your semester project. Edit the wiki page below to indicate your choice.

Meetings will take place in Prof. Agrawala's office (635 Soda). Remeber that you'll only have 12 minutes to set up and present. Because groups are scheduled one after another, your group will need to arrive a few minutesbefore your scheduled time in order to ensure that you have the full time period to present. Times are real-world (not "Berkeley time") and you should not schedule a time slot for which members of your group may be even a few minutes late.

If members of your group are unable to make any of the available times, please contact the teaching staff and we will try to accommodate you at an alternate time.

Presentation Slots - Tuesday April 29th

1:00 pm :

1:15 pm :

1:30 pm : Group 3

1:45 pm : Group JYBZ

2:00 pm : Team Awesome

2:15 pm : Group 14

2:30 pm : The Flash

2:45 pm : Group Your Life

3:00 pm : Team Mechanical Squirrel

3:15 pm : Made of Smiles

3:30 pm : Group 7

3:45 pm : Treo

4:00 pm : Anbaric Sheep

4:15 pm : Happy Toast

4:30 pm : Team Good Lookin

4:45 pm : Team Freaking Amazing

5:00 pm : Team Meta-X

5:15 pm : Team Megahard

5:30 pm : Butterfly

5:45 pm : team Moo Moo

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